Constitution Trail

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The Constitution Trail is a 50+ mile hard surfaced trail running through the Twin Cities that has been developed for walking, hiking, jogging and biking, providing the community with an outstanding linear park for the entire family. The initial portion of the Trail has been expanded over the years from the first project located on an abandoned railway, to reaching out to most segments of both communities. In Normal, the trail is considered to be one of the most treasured recreational facilities within the community. It not only is used for recreation, but also for alternative transportation to schools and local businesses. Numerous parking areas are located adjacent to the trail. Trash receptacles, picnic tables, shelters, restroom areas and benches are available along the trail.

A trail map is available at the Normal Parks and Recreation office, Normal City Hall, Normal Public Library and Children's Discovery Museum.
Downloadable Constitution Trail Map [PDF]
25th Anniversary Constitution Trail Chronology [PDF]
Trail 25th Photo for Website
The Friends of the Constitution Trail is a non-profit group which works for the expansion and beautification of the trail. For more information and a membership form, visit the website.

Trail Rules and Regulations

  • Open daily from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.
  • All forms of motorized vehicles are prohibited (except for emergency and maintenance).
  • Obey all warning and regulations signs.
  • Remember to obey all pedestrian laws when crossing intersections along the trail.
  • All other park rules apply.

Trail Use Safety Guidelines 

  • All users keep right.
  • Be courteous at all times, respect other users, regardless of their mode, speed or skill level.
  • Enter and Exit trail at access points only.
  • Give audible warning signal when passing, by voice, bell or horn.
  • Have you outgrown the trail? If your speed or style endangers others, check for alternative routes better suited to your needs. The trail is designed for recreational uses.
  • Keep the trail clean, use the trash receptacles.
  • Clean up after your pets. Your cooperation is appreciated by all users of the trail.
  • Do not wear earphones or anything that distracts from awareness of your environment.
  • Please respect the neighbors along the trail, without their cooperation this trail may not exist.