Uptown Normal Sidewalk and On-Street Cafes

Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and the uncertainty around indoor dining in 2021, the Town is extending its temporary program for outdoor dining on public property in Uptown Normal. This includes on-street dining and sidewalk cafes.

On-street and Outdoor Dining

The Town will again set up areas of picnic tables at locations along North Street and E. Beaufort. Those wishing to utilize those tables need to complete the application form by March 15. Weather permitting, on-street dining will be set up in early April. 

Sidewalk Cafés

Sidewalk café permit applications are the same as in previous years, but no fees will be collected.  This application form must be submitted before café tables are set on the public sidewalk.
Submit a sidewalk cafe application online 


Contact:  Mercy Davison, 309-454-9590 or Darryl Barron, 309-454-9741
Outdoor Cafe Ordinance