Campus Safety Outreach

Professional Training

Professional training by the fire department can be incredibly beneficial to learning what you can do to protect yourself and others during a fire and by learning about situations that could lead to a fire.

Our department offers a full line of training classes and employs a full-time public education officer and inspector who can not only teach a variety of classes related to fire safety, but also perform a thorough inspection of your house to look for hazards for which you may not be aware. We are proud to offer these services at no charge.

The sad reality is that the last time many people learned anything about fire safety was in grade school. Things have changed. It’s more than just “stop, drop and roll”, and “Dial 9-1-1”.

Please, consider partnering with Normal Fire Department to help educate the members of your Greek organization about fire safety.

Please contact our Public Education Division today at (309) 454-9622 to schedule your on-site training, house inspection and to work with our Prevention Division on an escape plan and other preparedness activities.