Make Music Normal

Make Music Normal is an all-day, free music festival taking place in Uptown Normal on Saturday, June 23, 2018. The festival offers experiences for participants of any age and any skill level to make music, in addition to seeing a diverse lineup of musical acts performing all day long.

At this point we are completely booked on all our stages for Make Music Normal 2018, but we'll let you know soon where there will still be opportunities to play that day- we're working on open mics & sit-in sessions to make sure that anyone can come down and make some music.

Are you a community organization focused on music or dance that would like to be part of our interactive programming? Email Civic Arts Manager Adam Fox to get that conversation going.

More details on the 2018 festival are coming soon. Make sure to head over to the Make Music Normal Facebook Page for updates and more information.

2017 Festival Information


2017 Performer Lineup

Poster Children
Q Bros
Glenn Wilson & Friends
Human Instruments
fatfunk silent disco
You want in?  All our performer slots for 2017 have been filled at this point, but, one of the driving ideas behind this festival is spontaneity and the idea that music can happen anywhere at any time.  So bring your instrument, find a corner, and start playing.  Or get to know one of our community partner organizations and add to what they have going on in the afternoon.  We had a band form at the intersection of Broadway and North last year, then play together later that night when we had a no-show on one of our stages; it remains one of our favorite memories of the 2016 event.  Which is all to say, we still want you to perform, and encourage you to make it happen.

Interactive Experience Partners

Make Music Normal is an opportunity to celebrate community organizations and businesses that make music a part of everyone's lives. From 12:00-4:00pm we are partnering with numerous groups to offer the chance to learn some choreography, build an instrument, join a drum circle, or learn about the science of sound. If you are part of an organization that focuses on music in any form, we would love to have you as part of Make Music Normal 2017; please contact festival organizer Adam Fox at or (309) 454-9720 for more information.

BCAI School of Arts

BCAI School of Arts strives to strengthen every generation in purpose and unity no longer enslaved by self-doubt and discrimination by equipping individuals with increased awareness of self, community and various cultures through unique training in the Arts.

Visit the BCAI Tent from 12-3 pm to learn more about BCAI. Also be sure to check their workshops and learn the BCAI Slide Dance, and join them when they perform on the Main Stage from 1:45-2:00 pm!

Capoeira Angola Center Illinois

Capoeira Angola is an Afro- Brazilian Art Form that encompasses folkloric traditions, oral history, dance and song into a martial art. The art is unique and uplifting cultural experience that brings together beauty and power, balance and physical conditioning, as well as dance, music, language, art and self-defense.

Check out Capoeria Angola's tent for Movement and Afro Stick Workshops appropriate for all ages.

Children's Discovery Museum

The mission of the Children’s Discovery Museum is to inspire the love of learning through the power of play. CDM's mission is accomplished by providing hands-on exhibits, classes, and programs that actively engage the visitor in experiences that stimulate imagination, curiosity, and wonder.

Join the CDM 12-4 pm in The Plaza for hands-on music making, science of sound activities and many other musical memory makers!

Developing Melodies

Developing Melodies offers music therapy, adapted music lessons and music groups in Bloomington, IL. Developing Melodies enriches the community by using music as a vehicle to induce change in order to meet the needs of each individual client while maximizing his or her strengths.

Join Developing Melodies for an interactive Drum Circle from 1:45-2:45 pm! And be sure to visit their tent to learn more about music therapy and early childhood music education.

FatFunk Productions

FatFunk Productions is a collective of Bloomington/Normal area artists and DJs that work with local venues and established businesses to bring the best music to its audience.

FatFunk is curating the Uptown Lounge from 12-10pm, offering a silent dance party with multiple DJs to choose from.  They'll also be broadcasting live to Sugar Shack Radio during the afternoon, and offering an introduction on how to DJ from 12-4PM.

Further Jazz, Inc

Further Jazz, Inc was founded by Glenn Wilson to help foster a love and appreciation for jazz music in contemporary audiences.

Stop by the Further Jazz, Inc tent for a day of jam sessions, and come back around in the evening for some amazing performances.

Human Instruments presented by Nick Demeris

Whether you consider yourself a diva of song or a novice of sound, Nick Demeris and Human Instruments will explore our greatest musical potential, harnessing the power of improvisation to release the music inside and become “Human Instruments.” We will play with spontaneous singing, beatboxing, rap, vocal ‘sampling,’ body percussion, and ultimately how to stand at the center of a circle – turning human beings into instruments and sound into music.

Visit the Human Instruments project at their tent during the afternoon, and don't miss your chance to become a Human Instrument from 3:30-5PM on the Main Stage. Fun for ALL ages.

Illinois Shakespeare Festival

The mission of the Illinois Shakespeare Festival is to produce energetic new interpretations of theatrical works, engaging audience and artist in an impassioned exploration of the human condition, with the artistry and humanity of the Shakespearean canon as our constant touchstone.

Stop by the ISF tent to meet company members and get some previews of their 40th Anniversary Season of programming. There will be plenty of song and dance to keep you entertained and give you the opportunity to join in.

ISU Music Therapy

Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program, according to the American Music Therapy Association.

Be sure to check out ISU Music Therapy's tent to learn more about the benefits of Music Therapy!

ISU Program in Arts Technology

Illinois State University's Program in Arts Technology teaches students the multidisciplinary technological skills needed to excel in the modern world. All Arts Tech students are required to take courses such as web design, videography, sound design, programming, and group collaboration, and are then encouraged to focus on whichever media resonates with them the most.

Taking over Slingshot CoWork for the day, ISU Arts Tech program will be featuring a VR station where people can play a virtual-reality music game. In addition, workshops about surround sound and multi-track audio will be available.

ISU String Project

The award-winning Illinois State University String Project is an after-school music program that offers low-cost instruction on stringed instruments to children in the community. The program supports existing public school string programs and provides a string education to children who are home-schooled or enrolled in schools where no string program is available. String Project also provides valuable teacher training experience for ISU’s string majors who serve as teaching assistants.

Never played a String Instrument before? No problem! Visit the ISU String Project tent to learn how to hold and play various String instruments.

McNulty Irish Dancers

McNulty Irish Dancers believe Irish Dance is an art form to be cherished, passed on to our children, and shared with the world. They strive to support & encourage our dancers by providing praise, discipline and the opportunity to perform.

Visit their tent to learn more about the art of Irish Dance, shoe types, and how to be an Irish Dancer!

Stacy's Dance Factory

Dance Factory's professional staff, through their knowledge and love for dance, hope to inspire in our students not only dance technique and style but the determination, dedication, and self discipline that is needed to acquire the rewards in the dance education.

Jam out with Dance Factory as they lead 3 STOMP Workshops throughout the day, and learn more about classes and performance opportunities.

Twin Cities School of Dance

The Twin Cites School of Dance's primary focus is on classical ballet technique, which provides a strong foundation for all other dance forms. Our goal for the recreational dancer is to gain self-confidence through the physical and mental accomplishments that come from positive dance instruction.

Join The Twin Cities School of Dance in a Prop Making Workshop from 12-4 pm. Participants will be able to make tambourines to play with as they try out some dance shoes and learn a dance combination!

Uptown Dance

Uptown Dance is located in historic "Uptown Normal" providing professional dance training for students ages 3-12.

From 12-4pm participants of all ages can learn about different genres of music & how they impact choreography, and learn some basic steps so they can dance to the music from the hit motion picture, "La La Land"!