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Vendors, Food, and Beverage Options

There are a lot of great food & beverage options available at Make Music Normal; you're going to eat well.  We also have a number of other partners are coming on board to add in some additional fun elements to your day.

Maggie Miley's 

Maggie Miley's will be offering beverage service from their restaurant as well as pouring from taps in front of the Mural at Beaufort & the Circle.  And yes, you can take those beverages throughout the festival grounds.  You can also stop in for food all day and well in to the night.


Medici of Normal will be offering some excellent food options for you out on North St. Additionally they'll be pouring adult beverages all day long, including festival sponsor Leinenkugel Summer Shandy.

Carl's Ice Cream

If you live in Normal, you probably already know about Carl's. If you don't, you're going to need to check out their truck, making its return to Uptown Normal this summer at special events.

The Dinner Bell

A mobile commissary offering fast and delicious food options.

Healthy in a Hurry

A locally owned & operated food truck offering healthy meal options.

Meltdown Creative Works

Meltdown Creative Works will be screen printing Make Music Normal shirts right on site. You'll have some customization options; you can watch them make it right in front of you; you get to go home with a killer new piece that will make all your friends jealous. Which is why you should probably get shirts for all of them as well; that way, everyone is happy and looking great.

Oogie's Food on Wheels

A family-owned food truck offering great Mexican fare.  Oogie's will be in the Circle from 12-4 on Saturday.

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

The newly opened Tricoci University in Normal will be offering a "rockstar yourself" station, with (temporary) hair dye, makeup, and lots of fun for all-ages.

Wild Style Design Company

Wild Style will be out offering face painting for younger attendees, and henna tattoos for older guests.
Make Music Normal is an all-day, free music festival taking place in Uptown Normal on Saturday, June 23, 2018. The festival offers experiences for participants of any age and any skill level to make music, in addition to seeing a diverse lineup of musical acts performing all day long. 

At this point we are completely booked on all our stages for Make Music Normal 2018, but we'll let you know soon where there will still be opportunities to play that day- we're working on open mics & sit-in sessions to make sure that anyone can come down and make some music.

2018 Line Up

The WGLT Stage on North Street:
12:00-12:45  The Joe Zaklan Band
1:15-2:00  Sunday Afternoon
2:30-3:15  Kickin' & Pickin'
3:30-4:15  Leah Marlene
4:45-5:30  Flaccid
6:00-7:00  Sneezy
7:30-8:45  Grupo Rimel
9:15-11:00  Marty "Big Dog" Mercer

The RoundAbout:
12:00-12:30  ISU String Project
12:45-1:45  Midwest Institute of Opera
2:00-3:00  Sound of Illinois Chorus
3:30-4:15  Sherwood Forest
4:45-5:30  Too Cool
6:00-6:45  Kyle Yap
7:15-8:00  John Til
8:30-9:30  Wildermore

Mural Stage:
12:00-12:45  Andy & Penny Bordewick
1:00-1:45  Geoff Beran & the Mystery Van
2:00-2:45  Grant Millren
3:00-3:30  Beauties & the Beat
3:45-4:30  Stan O'Connor
5:00-5:45  Marcos Mendez
6:15-7:00  Jeni B
7:30-8:30  V8 Vast Change
8:45-9:30  Ranger Andy
9:45-10:30  PoorBoy Luke

The Further Jazz, Inc. Stage:
12:00-12:30  Louie the Musician
1:00-2:00  State Farm J108 Jazz Vocal Ensemble
2:30-3:30  Jim Boitos & Joe Bell
4:00-5:00  Disorganizer (Jazz Set)
5:30-6:30  John Campbell
7:00-8:30  Glenn Wilson & Friends
9:00-10:30  Jam Session led by Glenn Wilson

Emack & Bolio's:
12:00-12:30  Nic Gundy
12:45-1:15  One Step Closer
1:45-2:30  Lakes Mouth
3:00-3:45  Emilele
4:15-5:00  Joel & Kylie Eagles
5:30-6:15  Alex Dwyer
6:45-7:30  Chasing the Turn
8:00-9:00  Marc Boon

Alley Stage:
12:00-12:45  Sugar Rush
1:15-2:00  The Shore Runners
2:30-3:15  Room 22
3:45-4:30  Tyler Sweitzer
5:00-5:45  Long Ladder Home
6:15-7:15  NoRobot
7:45-8:45  Disorganizer
9:15-10:15  Inktrail

The CEFCU Stage on Beaufort Street:
12:00-1:00  The Bygones
1:30-2:30  The NATU Band
3:00-4:00  Sara Quah Band
4:30-5:15  Luke & The Drifters
5:45-6:30  Shinzon
7:00-8:00  Femme Fatale
8:30-9:30  Scott Marek Band
10:00-11:00  Red Scarves

Normal Public Library:
11:00-11:45  No Worries Uke Band
1:00-1:45  The Ukeladies
2:30-3:30  The Coneflowers
Interactive all-ages activities begin at the Library at 10:00am.

The Uptown Lounge (A Silent Dance Party):
Red Channel
12:00-1:00 Jodah
1:00-2:00 Bryan Edwards
2:00-3:00 Jodah
3:00-5:00 DJ Vamp
5:00-7:00 Lush Machine
7:00-9:00 IllumiNATE
9:00-11:00 Zeek

Green Channel
12:00-2:00 DJ Belly
2:00-4:00 The NUrologist
4:00-6:00 C(leg)g
6:00-7:00 C.C. Rider
7:00-9:00 DJ C
9:00-11:00 dEEb

Blue Channel
12:00-11:00 HOT 100.7 Mix

Interactive Experience Partners

Make Music Normal is an opportunity to celebrate community organizations and businesses that make music a part of everyone's lives. From 12:00-4:00pm we are partnering with numerous groups to offer the chance to learn some choreography, build an instrument, join a drum circle, or learn about the science of sound. If you are part of an organization that focuses on music in any form, we would love to have you as part of Make Music Normal 2018; please contact festival organizer Adam Fox at or (309) 454-9720 for more information.

BCAI School of Arts

BCAI School of Arts strives to strengthen every generation in purpose and unity no longer enslaved by self-doubt and discrimination by equipping individuals with increased awareness of self, community and various cultures through unique training in the Arts.

Between 12-4, come over and dance, learn a cypher, and find out more about this dynamic and truly exceptional arts agency.

Children's Discovery Museum

The mission of the Children’s Discovery Museum is to inspire the love of learning through the power of play. CDM's mission is accomplished by providing hands-on exhibits, classes, and programs that actively engage the visitor in experiences that stimulate imagination, curiosity, and wonder.  

Visit the museum tables just outside of the Museum Store where you can learn about the physics of sound and see your own voice. You can also play with sound waves and make your own noise makers.

Over at the Mural Stage you'll have the chance to interpret music into tangible art, creating a picture of how the music makes you feel and adding it to the adaptive instillation that will grow throughout the day. The Mural Stage will also be decked out with pieces created in the Art Studio over the last month, so make sure to check that out while listening to all the great artists performing there throughout the day.

FatFunk Productions

FatFunk Productions is a collective of Bloomington/Normal area artists and DJs that work with local venues and established businesses to bring the best music to its audience.

FatFunk is curating the Uptown Lounge from 12-11pm, offering a silent dance party with multiple DJs to choose from.  They'll also be offering demos of DJing technique from 12-4 over in the Uptown Lounge area, so make sure to stop by and check them out.

Further Jazz, Inc

Further Jazz, Inc was founded by Glenn Wilson to help foster a love and appreciation for jazz music in contemporary audiences.  Further Jazz, Inc is curating the Further Jazz Stage, which has a great line-up all day long including a jam session in the evening where anyone is welcome to sit in.

Illinois Chamber Music Festival

For the past sixteen years, the Illinois Chamber Music Festival has been offering a superior chamber music experience to high school and college students coupled with world class performers.  Stop by between 12-4 to learn more about this great program for young musicians and hear previews of their upcoming concert series in July.

Illinois Shakespeare Festival

The mission of the Illinois Shakespeare Festival is to produce energetic new interpretations of theatrical works, engaging audience and artist in an impassioned exploration of the human condition, with the artistry and humanity of the Shakespearean canon as our constant touchstone.

Illinois State University Music Therapy

Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program, according to the American Music Therapy Association.  Stop by between 12-4 to learn more about their program and techniques, and join in a drum circle.

Illinois State University Special Education

Students and recent graduates from Illinois State University with focuses on Learning Behavior; Deaf and Hard of Hearing; and Low Vision Blindness will be showcasing different ways that a person with each learning style accesses music.  Between 12-4, learn alternate methods of reading and experiencing music.

Illinois State University String Project

The award-winning Illinois State University String Project is an after-school music program that offers low-cost instruction on stringed instruments to children in the community. The program supports existing public school string programs and provides a string education to children who are home-schooled or enrolled in schools where no string program is available. String Project also provides valuable teacher training experience for ISU’s string majors who serve as teaching assistants.

Never played a String Instrument before? No problem! Visit the ISU String Project to learn how to hold and play various String instruments.

Miss Laura's Music Class

 Miss Laura's Music Class is a high-energy early childhood music and movement class for children ages birth- 4 years old and their caregivers. (Children age 5-6 are welcome at the Blair House Location). Using a wide variety of music, we dance, sing, create, and explore our way through each 10 week session using bells, scarves, percussion instruments, and more!  All classes are taught by Miss Laura, a certified music teacher with experience in classroom music and vocal performance.  Join us as we sing, dance, and play our way through a fabulous musical experience!

Demo Classes will be offered at Miss Laura's booth at Make Music Normal at 12:15, 1:15, 2:15, and 3:15.  But stop by any time between 12-4 - there will be the chance to eplore instruments and have some fun all afternoon.

Operation Santa

Operation Santa is a non-profit that packs stockings for our deployed military worldwide at the holidays.  These stockings contain comfort items and serve as a thank you to our troops for being dedicated to serving our country.

Stop by their booth to sing and dance along to Patriotic songs with their volunteers, sign/write supportive messages on Christmas cards for our troops, bring donations (see for a list of items needed), and to learn more about how you can help this great organization.

Uptown Dance

Uptown Dance is located in historic "Uptown Normal" providing professional dance training for students ages 3-12.  Stop by between 12-4 to see choreography demonstrations and even learn a few steps.


Join WGLT's Music Director Jon Norton and Events Director Linda Healy for "Musicians: Learn How to Get Noticed/Played/Hired", a 30 minute workshop & discussion that will take place at 1:00 and then repeat at 1:30 in the former Slingshot space on Beaufort Street. All are welcome to attend this free session.

The WGLT Stage on North Street has a great lineup all day long, so make sure you head over to see a little something for everyone.