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2017 USA Girls' 16A-U National Championships - Tournament Program Information

  1. This form is for entry into the official 2017 USA Girls' 16A-U National Championship program. Please fill out the information below as COMPLETELY AS POSSIBLE. Once the information is completed, hit the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom to send your information. *Teams NOT filling out the required information will NOT be included in the program.

  2. Questions? Please contact Karen Gibson at the Town of Normal at (309) 454-9540.

  3. The Tournament Committee is striving to get every participating team's picture in the souvenir program. In addition to sending the above information, please attach your TEAM PHOTO in .JPEG format. Each picture must be at least 500KB-5MB to be suitable for printing. Anything with less resolution will be unrecognizable when printed.

  4. NOTE: Please DO NOT overlay graphics on top of the pictures, such as logos or player listings and do not send the picture file placed in any programs such as Microsoft Word, Power Point, Publisher, etc.

  5. Deadline to submit is Thursday, July 20th by 12pm (CST).

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